Fast growing Small & Midsize Businesses
deserve rapidly evolving software.

RAD platform on the cloud (or hpaPaaS) specially designed for SMBs.
Build complex business apps 10x faster, with drag n drop & low-code. Efficiently manage change in business processes with versioning & branching of building blocks like SQL data-sources, portable reports, visualizations, web-forms or even bots.

Our SaaS Offerings


Create Embeddable Forms using our Drag n Drop builder with custom validations & field level permissions.

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Visualise your data as tables or charts. Group visualizations into customisable, interactive & embeddable dashboards.

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Design and embed bots using our builder. Initiate and Automate business workflows, collect data elegently.

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Upload, tag and search your Documents. Embed our document manager into your business contexts.

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Apps on cloud

Forget about the infrastructure, leave it to us. Focus on your applications and business.

Develop Once, Deploy Anywhere

Use our state-of-the-art developer Studio to develop business apps that can run on web or mobile.

Own your data

Connect your cloud or in-premise database via https enabling coexistence of your legacy apps and apps built on expressbase.

App Security

Role Based Access Control (RBAC) standard helps you authorize users by roles. Create unlimited roles by grouping permissions or even roles.

Low Code

No code platforms don’t work for complex requirements. Precisely why we are low-code. Put your existing skills to use, code in JavaScript, C# & SQL.

Faster Time to Market

Conventional modes of development & delivery are high effort-time–money exercises. Use our platform to express build complex business apps 10x faster.

Use your existing Database

on-premise or cloud

Connects natively with popular database systems. Currently supports PostgreSQL and Oracle. MySQL and SQL server support under developement. If you don’t have a database, we setup an exclusive one for you in our infrastructure.

Built-in Security

Role Based Access Control (RBAC)

Role Based Access Control (RBAC) standard helps you authorize users by roles. Create unlimited roles by grouping permissions or even roles.

Bob Megallen
Level 1 User Role
Salesman Role
Delivery Role
HR User
Lis Dominic
Sales Manager
HR Admin
Sales Manager Role
Salesman Role
Delivery Role
Febin Cardoz
Gen Manager
Supply Chain Mgr
Sales Mgr Role
Delivery Mgr
HR Admin


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Implementation Services


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Our expert team will build the solution that fits your business requirements.

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Checkout HR Management, Order Management & Inventory Control demo apps created using the famous Northwind sample database.

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